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Yunnan KSEC International Trading Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996 as a subsidiary of Kunming Shipbuilding Equipment Co. Ltd. (KSEC) for international business and cooperation. Its business mainly involves 2 areas. Export business focusing on products manufactured by KSEC such as tobacco machinery, automatic logistics system, baggage handling system, intelligent car parking system, etc. Import business focusing on purchasing various machineries and parts from global renowned companies.

In 1970, KSEC was established as an enterprise group combing optics, mechanics, electronics and information technology. KSEC is located in Kunming city, Yunnan Province, P.R.China. Kunming is a city well known as spring city, where the spring lasts four seasons yearly with beautiful landscape and comfortable weather. KSEC has a state-of-the-art industry park with area over 80 hectares, with over 3,000 sets of advanced machining equipment and over 4,500 employees. KSEC heavily invests in technology research and development and has over 1,000 profession staffs for ...

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Automatic Logistics System

With automatic logistics system for tobacco industry in 1995 and comprehensive understanding of technological process and requirement of tobacco industry, KSEC becomes the leading automatic logistics solution designer and supplier for tobacco industry in China.

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Green Leaf Threshing

The Threshing and Redrying line is a whole processing line starting from vacuum conditioning to respective packing of lamina, stem and scraps.

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Primary Processing

The Primary Processing Line procedure can be divided into following sections: lamina processing section, cut-lamina processing section, stem processing section, cut-tobacco blending section. KSEC also can supply casing kitchen.

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Baggage Handling System

In 2007, KSEC and Logan Teleflex (a company of Daifuku group now) established a joint venture named as Logan-KSEC Airport System Company Ltd..

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Smart Car Parking System

Difficult to find a place to park the car” becomes a more and more serious problem in city due to limited land resource,less information on available parking space and low operation efficiency of parking lot.

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Intelligent Building Solution

The Threshing and Redrying line is a whole processing line starting from vacuum conditioning to respective packing of lamina, stem and scraps.

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We integrate customer needs and provide professional customized solutions for your product requirements.

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We are responsible for the installation and commissioning of the product, and complete all preparations before your formal use.

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We provide the sale of spare parts. Spare parts are used to replace the modules, components of the original parts.

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Respecting customers, understanding customers, and creating value for customers is our service tenet. It is our service philosophy to dedicate our utmost efforts and solve problems for customers.

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  • Address: Floor 17, Block B2, Yunnan Investment Building, No. 277 Renminxi Road, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China
  • Zip code: 650118
  • Tel: +86-871-63132541, 63167657
  • E-mail: tian.zhang@cstckm.cn
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  • Address: KSEC industrial Park East Suburb 8 km, Kunming 650236, Yunnan Province, China

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