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KSEC Baggage Handling System At Medium Airport

2020-12-17 14:59:49

With the booming development of civil aviation industry, Chinese airports have much more requirements on timeliness, automation and informatization of baggage handling. However, small and medium-sized airports are facing two major problems: First, it is difficult to adopt technology and process under automation currently used in large airport due to investment and the second is the need to improve efficiency under manual handling. 

KSEC analyses the customer needs and developed the airport baggage handling system suitable for small and medium-sized airport by using AGV with our abundant experience.

KSEC put forward the whole baggagehandling system, to solve the potential problem in small and medium-sized airport. In this system, AGV is used for automatic baggage loading, sorting and conveying. Compared with traditional baggage handling systems, KSEC system has the advantages of “intelligent baggage sorting”, “high transportation efficiency”, “low space occupancy” and “lower investment”, which accept the customers' recognition and praise.

 KSEC Baggage Handling System At Medium Airport