Baggage Handling System

In 2007, KSEC and Logan Teleflex (a company of Daifuku group now) established a joint venture named as Logan-KSEC Airport System Company Ltd. (short as Logan-KSEC) with commitment to the design, manufacturing and integrating business of baggage handling system for airport. The company can provide complete baggage handling solution and products with capability of control, software integration and service. In 2008, a complete testing circuit of baggage handling system including the latest tilt tray sorter and destination coding vehicle system was built and completed. The testing circuit shown the product quality and the ability of complex system integration of the joint venture. The joint venture set up a manufacture base in the premise of KSEC in Kunming city. All products are manufactured by KSEC are designed by Logan and conformed to its norms and quality levels. The products have been certified by BNP USA and widely used in lots of airport in China and oversea, even been purchased and integrated by Siemens and Beumer in over 20 international airport projects such as Changi airport (Singapore), Heathrow airport(UK), Moscow airport (Russia), Indira Gandhi International Airport (India), etc. The joint venture is capable of providing complete solution and service for baggage handling system of airport with rich experience and expertise in reasonable price.

Logan Teleflex is an international renowned company based in UK for design, manufacturing and integration of baggage handling system with 50 years of experience service for airport and industrial logistics system. The company is the first hold baggage system integrator and a qualified baggage handling system integrator approved by British Airports Authority. For last 5 decades, the company has installed over 400 such systems worldwide with a range of ground breaking, innovative products. The company has complete product portfolio for baggage handling system, which includes baggage check-in conveyor, in-line baggage screening conveyor, baggage tray system, destination coded vehicle, vertical sortation unit, tilt tray sorters, horizontal merge conveyor, flat plate baggage carousel, incline plate baggage carousel, etc.

Passenger luggage intelligent inspection system

The security inspection system adopts RFID technology, biometric technology, information technology......

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Check-in conveyor

The check-in conveyor can be customized for the special requirement of airport...

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Belt conveyor

The structure of belt conveyor is designed as simple and robust. It is applied in a baggage...

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Queue Conveyors

The structure of queue conveyor is designed as simple and robust, which can...

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Parallel sortation unit

The main function of parallel sortation unit are sorting and route diverting...

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Vertical sortation unit

The sortation unit is made up of 2 belt conveyors which can swing up and down swiftly...

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Pusher sortation unit

It is used to sort out baggage from a conveyor line or carousel to adjacent conveyor...

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Cam sorter

It is used to sort the baggage and divert it to its neighbor conveyor line or sorting chute...

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