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KSEC Carries Out Noise Detection Work At Factory Boundary

2021-06-23 11:01:41

    In order to implement the Environmental Protection Law and the Environmental Noise Pollution Prevention and Control Law, and prevent and control environmental noise pollution, on August 25, KSEC contacted Yunnan Kunfa Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. to test the factory boundary noise in the production area.

KSEC Carries Out Noise Detection Work At Factory Boundary

   The detection method  is referring to "Environmental noise emission standard of industrial factory boundary", through the company's production area of east, west, north and south four directions of sound sampling, the engineer checked the result of noise values from four directions of sound sampling. The noise values of the inspection results are in accordance with the standard that the noise emission limit should be under 65dB, as the GB 12348-2008 Environmental Noise Emission Standard for Industrial Enterprise Factory Boundary requires.
The detection of environmental noise is the main basis to analyze and grasp the overall situation and change trend of environmental noise in each city. The company will carry out as scheduled every year, which also fully embodies the company's social responsibility of "green development". KSEC will continue to following the ESG principles to promote its ESG value.

    P.S.: What is ESG?

  • ESG is the idea that companies should use nonfinancial factors to influence and challenge their environmental impacts (E), social impacts (S), and governance attributes (G).

  • ESG factors have become a significant consideration in the way businesses are led and managed.

  • ESG investing has several key business benefits, including giving companies the ability to better manage risk.