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KSEC Boosts 5G Implement in Intelligent Logistics

2021-02-20 09:12:50

KSEC has been working with China Mobile and Huawei on a series of 5G applications and explorations in the field of logistics. We all know that China’s 5G is fast and so is the logistics. But when the two meet, what sparks can they create?

The stacker that moves back and forth in the warehouse and takes the goods on and off the shelves. The stacker can operate stably in complex environments and convey goods accurately without getting lost, which is enabled by 5G that features wireless, low latency and high stability

In the industrial Internet field, 5G is needed to enable people, products, and equipment to connect organically. The computer model will collect information through 5G and input it into digital model during the production flow. The digital model, accompanied by the manufacturing model, can predict what will happen in 5 seconds, which allows a huge leap in our intelligent manufacturing. We look forward to establishing a good cooperation relationship with Huawei in the following projects, and this means a lot for us, whose commercial value is much more than one or two orders.

We can see some of unfamiliar equipment in the factory, for example, the RGV, which saves the workers from working in the passages. It not only ensures the workers’ safety but also dramatically improves efficiency. The new RGV has applied 5G technology, eliminating the long connecting wire and making it more convenient and flexible. Now, let’s move on to another interesting machine.

This is a AGV. It looks smart and always takes the right way. Thanks to 5G+visual fusion technology, mobile robots can accurately and quickly find their way at a lower cost. Thanks to the stable network, they won't lose themselves.

Collaborating with China Mobile and Huawei, KSEC have built the first 5G innovation experimental base in Yunnan and released the White Paper on 5G Smart Logistics Application Scenarios and Solutions. The three parties are now jointly promoting the implementation of 5G private network plus smart logistics in tobacco, airport and other industries. In the tobacco industry, we have already built the benchmark.

5G communication technology has greatly improved the reliability and efficiency of industrial manufacturing and warehousing logistics. Also, it has created new business opportunities and social value and made the future more promising.