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First 5G Intelligent Logistics Incubation Base Landed in Kunming

2020-06-08 10:22:10

    Today, China Mobile, Huawei, KSEC and Beckhoff China jointly launched the 5G Intelligent Logistics Achievements Conference in Kunming, China. In the conference, four companies jointly released " White Paper on 5G Intelligent Logistics Application Scenarios and Solutions ", and will create China’s first 5G Full-scene Intelligent Logistics New Equipment Incubation Base.

First 5G Intelligent Logistics Incubation Base Landed in  Kunming

5G, One Network 

    Through 5G end-to-end solutions provided by Huawei, including 5G core network, carrier network, wireless access network and 5G intelligent terminals, China Mobile will deploy 5G indoor and outdoor network in KSEC logistics park.

First 5G Intelligent Logistics Incubation Base Landed in  Kunming

    The unified 5G wireless network will cover 100,000 square meters of workshops, office, roads and other areas in the entire KSEC logistics equipment manufacturing area, helping  company to transform from traditional manufacturing to intelligent digitalization manufacturing.

5G Series

    KSEC released a full series of brand-new products of 5G logistics equipment, including aisle stacker crane, circulating shuttle vehicle, forklift AGV and warehouse sorting AGV.

5G industrial intelligent gateway is based on Huawei MH5000 module and adopts Huawei 5G CPE , which are stable and reliable in operation and can meet the requirements of service application deployment of advanced equipment in 5G intelligent logistics.

First 5G Intelligent Logistics Incubation Base Landed in  Kunming

5G White Paper 

    Intelligent logistics is the preferred industry for "5G+ Industrial Internet" intelligent manufacturing system solutions. Huawei Wireless X Labs released the White Paper of 5G Smart Logistics Application Scenarios and Solutions, enabling the whole society to accelerate the digital transformation of 5G smart logistics.

The white paper comprehensively introduces the in-depth research and successful practice of Huawei, China Mobile, KSEC and Beckhoff in the field of 5G intelligent logistics from the perspectives of application scenarios, network architecture, requirements for network construction, private network guarantee, terminal selection, business reliability and other dimensions.

First 5G Intelligent Logistics Incubation Base Landed in  Kunming

    Mr. Wang Hongbo (General Manager of KSEC): "KSEC is a high-tech industrial company whose main business is intelligent equipment R&D and manufacturing. As the earliest company entering the automatic logistics industry in China, KSEC is the intelligent manufacturing and intelligent logistics system integrator with the most comprehensive strength and abundant application experience. Since last year, through close cooperation of all parties, 5G and industrial manufacturing applications have been deeply integrated, making KSEC Logistics Equipment Company the first company in the world to successfully realize the application of 5G technology industrial automated logistics system. In the future, KSEC Logistics will focus on key areas and industries to further consolidate and enhance its core competitiveness. We hope to cooperate with potential partners to develop new 5G intelligent logistics products that can create more value for customers and jointly promote the development of intelligent logistics in China!"