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AGV Exported to USA Passed UL Certification

2019-08-29 16:06:42

AGV Exported to USA Passed UL Certification

    The AGV project exported to the United States has passed the UL certification on August 29. Certification engineer Tim is full of praise for KSEC’s AGV. After rigorous testing, the UL certification nameplate is affixed to the AGV body. The project adopts the ATIS4.0 system platform independently developed by KSEC. The platform has high technological advancement in aspects such as route planning, communication method, task distribution, vehicle scheduling, traffic management, safety protection, and automatic charging, and has been successfully applied in multiple AGV projects. For the first time, this project uses the V1.0 laser guidance measurement tool with a navigation accuracy of ±5mm that is independently developed by KSEC.

    The AGV adopts laser-guided wide-leg fork type AGV. This model adopts single-wheel drive and steering and travelling mode, which can move forward, reverse, turn, and can meet various path requirements on site. In addition to front and rear protection, the AGV of this model is also equipped with a safety PLC, safety relays, safety encoders, and multiple obstacle detectors. It has a complete multi-level safety protection mechanism, which can guarantee the AGV system and the surrounding operators and equipment of the AGV under various conditions.

    UL Certification is short for the certification made by Underwriter Laboratories Inc. in the United States. The UL Safety Laboratory is the most authoritative in the United States and the largest private organization engaged in safety testing and accreditation in the world.