Check-in conveyor

Check-in conveyor

The check-in conveyor can be customized for the special requirement of airport. The weighing device, labeling device and inducting conveyor can be set as primary, secondary and third check-in system, which can provide multiple choices and flexibility for flight check-in operation.

The surface of check-in conveyor is made of stainless steel. A safety door can be set on the weighing conveyor to avoid passenger’s entrance during closed hour.

The optional stages of check-in conveyor are:

1. After weighing and labelling, the baggage is conveyed by an individual conveyor.

2. Baggage weighing and labelling is completed on an individual conveyor. After that, the baggage is sent to a consolidation conveyor from inducting conveyors.

3. Weighing, labelling and inducing operations are done on different conveyors.


-  Conveyor length: 1.2 to 2.5 m

-  Belt width: 400, 450, 500, 550 or 600 mm

-  Sidewall Height: 50, 300 or 450 mm

-  Safety door: Option

-  Turning Drums: Parallel or tapered turning drum scan be fitted at junction with collector