IDCV (short for Intelligent destination coded vehicle system) is designed to provide a complete alternative to conventional baggage handling systems by being capable of handling all bag transport, storage and sorting required within the baggage handling system. Each vehicle has its own PLC system on board which is used to control all aspects of the carts movement based on ‘missions’ provided to the cart from the centralized control system. The cart has a conveyor mounted orthogonally to the direction of travel of the cart. The conveyor is used for smooth and reliable loading and unloading of the cart and also to ensure that the bag remains centred on the cart during its transit through the system. Latest technology WiFi communications are used to ensure that the cart remains in constant contact with the centralized control system in order that new missions can be provided and existing missions updated and cart status and position can be exchanged at any point on the carts journey.

The cart uses Linear Induction Motor (LIM) technology as its drive. LIM drives are characterized by their very quiet operation and this technology also ensures highly reliable operation of the cart. The LIM is sized to allow the cart to accelerate at a rate of 2.5 m/s2 up to a maximum of 10m/s and will also permit a fully loaded cart to move off from rest on a maximum 12° angle incline. The ability to sort bags is naturally provided as it is able to discharge a bag in any position within the system. It has an inherent 100% tracking capability which sets it in a class of its own for many applications


-  Quiet and highly reliable linear motor drive

-  Vehicles control their own movement with an on board PLC system and are capable of starting whilst fully loaded on a maximum incline angle

-  Cart only moves when a bag needs to be handled with inherent energy saving operation

-  Continuous Wifi communication between each cart and centralized control for better application flexibility

-  Smooth tracking and bag friendly transfers onto and off of the cart

-  Space efficient transit between building levels

-  Up to 15 degree Incline/Decline angle

-  Maintenance Friendly: The track is very simple and only requires very limited maintenance. Each cart is independent and is automatically scheduled for maintenance which is performed in a dedicated off line area