Sorting Equipment

Sliding shoe sorter

Sliding  shoe sorter


Sliding Shoe Sorter is a reliable and gentle automatic sorting system with high throughput capacity, which can be used for sorting a wide range of items and materials in form of carton box or other solid package along a linear conveyor line. It is particularly suitable for the sorting scenarios of e-commerce, distribution center, fulfillment center and express delivery.


√  High reliability and flexibility with high sorting capacity and performance.

√  Dual side and gentle sorting

√  Module design easy to install, maintenance and replacement


-  Sorted goods: Non fragile items with flat bottom

-  Goods specifications (L×B×H, mm): 200×100×20 (Min.)

1500×800×H (Max. H here refers to height of goods which still can keep stable during conveying and sorting)

-  Load of sorted goods, kg: 0.5~50

-  Conveyor speed (m/min): 150 (Max.)

-  Sorting capacity, pcs/h: 3,000~10,000

-  Noise level, dB(A): ≤75