AGV / High Reach

AGV / High Reach

Product Introduction:

This type of AGV is developed on base of electric reach truck through adding various sensors and algorithm of software to automatically move and handle the goods on pallets as a laser guided forklift with obstacle avoidance function. It features with high reach capability and completed safety precaution system through multiple laser or infrared safety detecting devices, very suitable for the flexible storage/retrival of goods in high bay warehouse within a height range of 6-12 meters to replace the stacker crane. It can be used for transferring of goods on pallets among ground, station and rack in factory workshop, warehouse, distribution center, cargo yard, etc.


√  Unmanned and automatic operation

√  Less manpower and operation cost

√  Flexible and easy routing plan

√  High reach capability, completed safety precaution, fast move and high flexibility




Guidance   mode

Laser   or nature guidance

Dimensions   (L×W×H, mm)


Self   Weight, kg


Movement   mode

Forward,   backward, turning

Driving   and steering mode

Sole-wheel   driving and steering

Rated   loadkg


Fork   type

Standard   fork with outer width   of 710mm and length of 1150mm (customizable)

Max   lift height (mm)


Max. travelling speed m/s


Battery   type and   specifications:

Lead-acid   batteries pack:   DC48V560Ah

Actuating   mechanism

Fork   lift driven by hydraulic   with forward and crabwise lead capability

Brake   mode

Gear   motor + electromagnetic   brake

Positioning   accuracy (mm)




Safety   devices:

Front:   Laser contactless safety   device

Rear:   Contactless safety device

Top:   Safety precaution device   during goods storage and retrieval to avoid goods   collision and   falling as well as to adjust the goods status

Others:   Sound-light alarm +   emergency stop