AGV Transport Integration System (ATIS 4.0)

ATIS 4.0 is a vehicle management platform system developed by KSEC for the new generation intelligent AGV with the latest hardware and software technologies, and over 20 years of AGV system developing experience. The system is built on the thought of software platform. The AGV intelligent dispatching control system developed through object oriented technology can adapt to complex transaction procedure and routes and support various of guidance modes such as wire guidance, tape guidance, laser guidance, Cartesian guidance, etc.


1) Novel structure

√   New AGV project can be fast described and built on the development platform

√   Already built AGV project can be executed and implemented on the operation platform.

√   Business oriented application project development and implementation.

√   Data statistics and intelligent analysis of the whole operation process.

2) Efficient system capability

√   Multi-level task scheduling management.

√   Multi-mode vehicle mobility dispatching management.

√   Large scale route oriented traffic dispatching management with excellent performance.

3) High flexibility

√   Flexible AGV route and station planning

√   Concise running process definition.

√   Supports multiple guidance modes.

4) Simple and easy to use

√   Graphical human-machine interface.

√   Multiple operation modes.

√   Intelligent sound, light and color alarm.