Green Leaf Threshing

Vacuum conditioning

Vacuum  conditioning


It is used for pre-processing tobacco leaves in a vacuum conditioning chamber. It can increase the moisture content and temperature of tobacco leaves somehow, so as to improve the durability and to change the physical characteristics of tobacco leaves to meet the requirements of subsequent procedure. Meanwhile, it can remove the greenish odor and kill insects in tobacco leaves.


It mainly consists of vacuum chamber, hydraulic lifting mechanism, vacuumizing system, humidifying system, steam distributing system, compressed air and instrument system, protective hood assembly, electrical control system and outdoor cooling system.


√   Adoption of steam jet pump with high vacuumizing efficiency.

√   Controllable heating and humidifying system

√   Friendly human-machine interface for easy operation.


-   Rated capacity: 1500~6000kg/h

-   Material load in/discharge: by manual or by electric trolley

-   Final stage vacuum degree: ≤666Pa

-   Working vacuum: ≤1066Pa

-   Discharging temperature: 55~80℃

-   Moisture content increased: 2~4%

-   Efficient conditioning rate: ≥98%

-   Processing cycle: ≤30min