Green Leaf Threshing

Vertical thresher

 Vertical  thresher


It is used for separating the lamina and stem from tobacco leaf in a compact mode.


The threshing rotor is vertically mounted with integration of pneumatic classifying and threshing unit together


√  Less floor occupancy and energy consumption

√  Easy operation and maintenance

Technical Specifications:

-   Rated capacity: 2500kg/h

-   Feeding moisture content: 19%±1%

-   Stem in lamina rate: ≤4%

-   Lamina in stem rate: ≤1.5%

-   Large size rate (for lamina ≥25.4mm): ≥32%

-   Large and medium size rate (for lamina ≥12.5mm): ≥70%

-   Scraps rate (for lamina <3mm): ≤5%

-   Long stem rate (for stem with length ≥20mm): ≥80%

-   Noise level: ≤85dB(A)