Automatic Logistics Systems

Cross Belt Sorting System in CAINIAO

The project is designed to meet the future business requirement of integrated handling of parcel storage, sorting, packing, delivery and returning. The distribution center is located in Huiyang, Guangdong province with an area of 18000㎡. The system was put into use in November of 2018.

In this center, KSEC provides the following equipment,

- Conveying system, 1 set, including 159 conveyors

- Slide chute, 12 sets, matrix sorting,:1 to 2, 2 to 4

- Sorting system, 2 sets

- Electric control system

-  Various Auxiliary equipment

Cross Belt Sorting System in CAINIAO

Major parameters of sorting system:

- Materials be handled: Parcel, carton or plastic package. Min, dimension: L160mm*W80mm*H50mm,Max. dimension:L638mm*W468mm*H300mm,weight of single parcel:150g~30kg.

- Processing capability: Normal 18000pcs/h,peak:24000pcs/h

- Machine running time≥23hours/day, machine service life≥5yeasr

- Automatic barcode recognition rate≥99.99%,sorting error ≤0.01%,rate of damage to parcel≤0.01%

- Noise level less than65dB(A),environment noise level no less than 70dB(A)


Cross Belt Sorting System in CAINIAO