Automatic Logistics Systems

For machinery & manufacturing industry

This automatic logistics system is used for automatically supplying parts to the continuous semi-product assembly line of factory. Meanwhile, it has functions of distributing those parts to other factories in different areas. 

The stacker crane as the main material retrieving/storage equipment cooperating with other conveying equipments makes the operation such as warehouse input/output (whole box output or selective output), warehouse inventory, empty box input/supplement go smoothly. 

In the system, the latest contactless energy transferring technology is adopted in the reciprocating shuttle vehicle to improve the material transporting efficiency. The electrical energy is transferred without contact from a fixed conductor to the vehicle power system. The power supply is transferred without friction touch to the traveling vehicle with features of emission-free, maintenance free and resistant to contamination from external sources. 

KSEC latest version of logistics system management software TIMMS.NET is perfectly and seamlessly connected with the SAP system of factory to achieve smooth communication between enterprise ERP and logistics information system. 

The system greatly improves the working efficiency of semi-product management of factory.

Main system equipment configuration:

Aisle stacker crane: 2 sets

Reciprocating shuttle vehicle: 1 set (adopting latest contactless energy transferring technology)

Chain conveyor: 12 sets

Automatic vertical storage & retrieval system: 1 set

For machinery & manufacturing industry

For machinery & manufacturing industry